Heimir Björgúlfsson & Jonas Ohlsson
'unspoken word tour' CD
brombron 04
released 2002 in Amsterdam/Nijmegen, The Netherlands

1. electronic celebration thump
2. funny moment plan
3. manufactured fish for robots und factory
4. say it again in a little whistle
5. 20 people gathering on my field, there I grow my vegetables
6. Thunder ass - strike two
7. Seduced Chaps
8. pyramids of pure pleasure
9. johnny bee/flashy fatty
10. wild and disturbed by electric guitar
11. worthwhile club styles(23 step,LL)
12. beard impossible
13. sound solo
14. hesitate to meditate
15. Blood, Knifes and Roses - in thee garden of dark oblivion
16. mono sim
17. mono dim
18. old panther
19. live and direct in the area - U.W.T.
20. silent = love visitation - in thee garden of misty oblivion
21. elger chaos
22. swinging jazzy threads of puke
23. you are evil policy

recorded and mixed at Extrapool, Nijmegen august - september 2001. drawings drawn at that Irish pub in Amsterdam december 2001. all done by Björgúlfsson/Ohlsson, with special guest appearance by the Gelderland legend.

layout by Meeuw, packaging concept and print by Knust, Nijmegen.

special thanks to Joyce, Peter, Jan Dirk and everyone at Extrapool, Frans, Astrid, Jennifer, Meeuw and the remarkable Gelderland legend.