Heimir Björgúlfsson
'Obmam Ognom'
processed and edited at TCB Sudios, Los Angeles winter and spring 2007
on 'Escaping From Color'(Rapoon re-composed & re-mixed) CD
Quasi Pop
released 2008 in Kiev, Ukraine.

01. Francisco Lopez "Untitled #193"
02. TV Pow "Ladder Friends Remix"
03. Machinefabriek "Drijfzand"
04. Troum "Farawer"
05. Steve Roden "Colorscape Forming"
06. Jorge Castro "Depths"
07. Paulo Raposo "Tidal Winds"
08. Aidan Baker "Percussive Drone"
09. Anla Courtis "Rapooned Rapunga"
10. Gert-Jan Prins "Raponsje"
11. Heimir Björgúlfsson "Obmam Ognom"
12. Mike Shiflet "Version Belize"
13. Family Underground "Tube"
14. Ronnie Sundin "Distant Demons"
15. Cisfinitum & Rapoon "Live in Ikra, Moscow 2006"